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    Web analytics can be as simple as letting you know what your site traffic is to telling you why your site traffic is for it is and how you can improve it. We take the second approach.

    BrilAd provides a unique approach in providing web analytics service in Pune. We do not believe in chalking down numbers and showing it to our clients. We believe and practice in giving them concrete answers on the 3 most pressing questions every web analyst must answer – What user activity happened on the site ? If and why was there a change in user activity ? What can be done to improve user activity ?

    The last question is the most difficult one where most firms will either have no answer or give a vague non-impactful answer. But not us. Guided by our instincts of having years of experience of analyzing websites starting for merchants and FMCG to finance and banking, we can tell what steps can have the impact that you may not even know existed. It is this unconventional approach to taking things to a level which has still not been defined, is what helps us make our client websites to new levels of success.

    The key truly is the ability to dive deep. This involves phases of data analysis and robust testing. But we do not let number distract us from the final objective. A small change often results having a big impact on the traffic.

    Having said so, whether it is adding a new CTA button, or undertaking the complete overhaul of the conversion funnel, we do whatever it takes to ensure that the target is met. For this purpose we use A/B and multi-variate testing and come up with the final solution which has the highest positive impact on your website and your final business objective.

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