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  • Short course for gaining expertise in using Twitter as a marketing platform
  • Covers all aspects of Twitter attributes and monitoring tools
  • Best suited for candidates looking for a quick grasp on this subject
  • Twitter Marketing Training in Pune

    Everybody else is tweeting, why shouldn’t you do it for your business or for your clients? However because everybody else is doing it, for you to be seen by the right audience, certain formulas need to be followed.Companies often jump on board popular platforms before building any sort of strategy at all.

    We at BrilAd understand the elaborate potential of this marketing platform and therefore we introduced a special Twitter Marketing training in Pune.

    In this course, we explain strategies, tips, best uses, and plenty of tools surrounding Twitter. At the end, you should have all the information you need to figure out how Twitter can be a valuable marketing tool for your business, whether you or your clients are play in the B2B or B2C fields.

    When you absolutely need this knowledge at your disposal on an immediate basis, this quick course will be your answer. This course is focused on a niche Twitter Marketing opportunity, and designed to get you into being productive right away. This course has multiple modules that are built to give you easy and quick access into core Twitter Marketing.

    Training Modules

    • What is Twitter?
    • Why use Twitter?
    • What are your Twitter goals?
    • How to track your Twitter account.

    1 Month

    Often there is an immediate industry requirement for employees to be specialists in a very specific branch of digital marketing. There might also be a need for a digital marketing fresher to know certain key skills to avail for a job vacancy. This is where short courses like Twitter Marketing come into picture in the form of a quick supplement to their existing set of skills which can give a new direction to a candidate’s career trajectory.

    BrilAd is proud in hosting some of the most esteemed entrepreneurs and successful experts in Twitter Marketing.

    Our core team is divided in two – One for Digital Marketing ; Second for Web Development.

    All our hosted lecturers have years of holding high level executive positions in their respective industries. It is for this reason that we say that BrilAd is a leader by experience. It is the collective knowledge of all our experts which makes BrilAd a unique platform for knowledge sharing and to bring about the best courses to generate industry-ready candidates.

    Get in touch with us to know more about our core faculty and how they can help you materialize your dreams in the industry. Let’s connect!

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