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  • Specialized course for candidates aspiring to become social media analysts
  • Covers all social media platforms in details
  • Consists of case studies which include parallel campaigns across all platforms
  • Social Media Marketing training in Pune

    You can trust us when we say that what social media has become today even surprises the founder of Facebook -Mark Zukerberg.

    What started as a social networking site, gave the birth to new medium for marketing – The social media.

    BrilAd provides a comprehensive social media marketing training in Pune. Designed and taught by our highly experienced and enthusiastic lecturers, they are one of the few people who started marketing in Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest even before most people knew what social media marketing really was.

    You or your client may be a small business, an already established firm looking for new marketing platforms or a large corporation. No matter your background, with over 2 Billion people on social media sites, it is impossible for any ambitious firm to ignore such a medium. Infact the very uniqueness of such firms is the ability of a firm to get directly in touch with their customers of potential customers in real time, something that Above The Line (ATL) marketing methods such as TV ads and print media does not allow.

    A firm may want to set up a social media company page to attract new customers by advertising special discounts, or they may want to spread awareness about their product, or they may just want customer experience feedbacks instead of spending that money on research firms to do surveys. All if this is possible also because Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc provide special accounts or pages to firms. They literally want you to use their user base for you to market.

    What is even more interesting is that these firms have ways to allow you to advertise and reach your specific target audience both by interest and demographic.

    So how will you build a social media strategy ? What platforms will be relevant to the marketing effort ? Should you do a paid campaign ? How can you best integrate this strategy with the rest of your digital marketing campaign ?

    BrilAd nurtures you in making such tough decision which often include millions of dollars. We undertake case studies to help you understand what may or may not work in favor of the core business objectives. And most importantly, we help you answer if a strategy is actually working.

    It is an exciting industry with exponential potential waiting to be tapped by creative and passionate analysts. Do you want to be one ?

    Get in touch, we are just a call away!

    Training Modules

    • Intro to Social Media
    • Creating a Social Media Strategy
    • Blogging for Business
    • Viral Marketing
    • Finding and Communicating with Influencers
    • Video & YouTube Marketing
    • Supplemental: YouTube Advertising
    • Social Networking & Facebook
    • Supplemental: Facebook AdvertisingMicroblogging and Twitter
    • Supplemental: Twitter Advertising
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Social Media Measurement
    • Supplemental: Social Media Analytics
    • Marketing through Linkedin
    • Pinterest and Image Marketing

    1 Month

    Social Media marketing has becoming an indispensible part of digital marketing campaign for any firm. With over a billion users on Facebook alone, no one can ignore this opportunity of connecting with this savvy audience. And with the rise of the eminence of social media as a platform, there has been a simultaneous rise in the demand for social media marketing experts.

    Firms today understand that social media marketing is no just just about sharing pictures or posts. It is a process which requires strategy and amalgamation to have a meaningful impact on the audience. There is also a need for sync between social media marketing and the larger digital marketing campaign for a well defined flow in marketing efforts.

    The deep rooted connection between social media and other digital marketing branches call for a need to understand digital marketing as a discipline at large. For this reason we suggest our candidates to simultaneously undertake our Online Marketing Fundamentals course to expand their knowledge and project themselves as team leaders in the work field.

    BrilAd is proud in hosting some of the most esteemed entrepreneurs and successful experts in Social Media.

    Our core team is divided in two – One for Digital Marketing ; Second for Web Development.

    All our hosted lecturers have years of holding high level executive positions in their respective industries. It is for this reason that we say that BrilAd is a leader by experience. It is the collective knowledge of all our experts which makes BrilAd a unique platform for knowledge sharing and to bring about the best courses to generate industry-ready candidates.

    Get in touch with us to know more about our core faculty and how they can help you materialize your dreams in the industry. Let’s connect!

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