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Moto Z Comparison: Moto Z Versus Moto Z Force

Lenovo has revealed that the flagship handsets Moto Z and Moto Z Force will be released by September internationally. Though they came with same name, almost, there are so many differences between both the phones. z-vs-z-force

Rather than comparing both the phone’s specs, we have extracted the core differences between the two phones. Here they are:


Even though both the phones are all metal build with variants in customization given by the MotoMaker.com, the Moto ZZ Force is a little thicker in build than the Moto Z. The Moto weighs 136g, while the Moto Z Force is the bigger and heavier device weighs 163g.  Both the phones have water protection, nano-coating on the display. 3.5 mm jack is removed and replaced by USB Type C connection for audio, charging and data.

Camera and Display:

Both phones have the same front 5MP camera, but the rear camera configuration is better for Moto Z Force since it has 21 MP rear camera but Moto Z has only 13MP. The auto focus options are better in Moto Z Force obvious, given with the additional features like OIS and laser auto focus.

5.5-inch AMOLED display is embedded in both the phones with Quad HD Resolution, which is 2560 x 1440 pixels with 334 ppi. This results in vibrant colors while handling the display. Additionally, the Moto Z Force has Gorilla Glass, which comes very common among the smart phones, but this one also comes with a Moto Shatter Shield display, which is unfathomably tough giving you the save points of drops.

Hardware and others:

On the hardware front, both the phones sports Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Chipset with 4GB of RAM. In terms of storage, both phones offer 32gb storage of 64 providing more space for apps, games along with microSD expansion. In terms of battery, Moto Z offers 2600mAh battery with 30 hours of usage and Moto Z Force offers 3500 mAh battery with 40 hours of usage. Turbo charging offered by Motorola enables the full charging speed in 30 minutes for both the phones, but for Moto Z Force, the battery is going to last longer than the Moto Z.

Even though, both of the phones provide compelling features, buyers will be drawn to the Moto Z Force for strong and long lasting features in the phone. Sadly, both the phones will be internationally available only by September 2016. But, Droid Edition will be launched by Motorola soon in Verizon in this summer. Until we hold both the phones in hand, we won’t feel the exact differences.

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