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iOS 9.3.3: Things to Know About The iPhone 5 iOS 9.3.3 Update

Before the final release of iOS 10, Apple likes to refine the series of iOS 9 which resulted in iOS 9.3.3 latest update roll out. The update is for almost all the iPhone devices, including iPhone 5. Here we are going to list you all the significant things that an owner of iPhone 5 should know about the latest upgrade. iPhone 5s

As we said earlier in other articles, iOS 9.3.3 is mostly a bug fix with a focus on under-the-hood performances and improvements instead of giving new features. For iPhone 5 users who have iOS 9.3.1/ioS 9.3.2/iOS 9.3, the latest update delivers security patches and bug fixes mostly.

We offer you our impressions on the information and key updates one should know before upgrading their iPhone 5.

  • First impression: The reports, after using the iOS 9.3.3 on iPhone 5 for a week has tremendous positive results. A major UI speed, long lasting battery, a few bug fixes works out. Before you get to know these, you have to take a quick note on the installation process. If your device is to be upgraded from iOS 9.3.2, the update should take a minimal amount of time, but if it’s something older, you will have to wait as the process takes a longer amount of time. There are minor bugs such as lagging when opening certain apps, but other than that, WiFi, LTE, Bluetooth, typing on the keyboard and fast and fluid feel of screen movement look great.
  • Reasons not to install: You might be dicey about whether or not to install this update. It is not wrong. You can look up the reasons as to why one should not install to get a fair idea around the topic. Even if the update does good for the iPhone 5 mostly, there are a few reasons why you should put off on upgrade too. If your device is jailbroken with the current version of iOS then you cannot install iOS 9.3.3 as there is no equivalent jailbreak version available for that. See? So take your time, the update always awaits.
  • Things to do before installing: There are so many prep guides waiting for you to read if you are ready to install the update on your device. There are some major prep steps which should be done like for instance, taking a backup of your device, just in case.
  • Problems and fixes: Let’s be honest. We are not telling you iOS 9.3.3 is a perfect update. Of course it has its own set of problems. Few users have reported a condition of abnormal battery drains, Apple Music force closing, boot loops, Bluetooth lags etc., So you have to be aware of all possible problems that you might come across post installation which leaves you now with a question hanging, would you want to update without any pre-warnings and some fixes about those issues? So, do not fail to dig into the feedback and user reviews.
  • Downgrade is possible: Don’t fret, you will be stuck with iOS 9.3.3 if you upgrade it and you might end up not liking the update. There is always a way to downgrade. Apple has signed off on iOS 9.3.2 enabling the users to slide back down to the previous version if the current version disappoints you.
  • You can use circular folders: There was a bug discovered when iOS 9 rolled out. Users who have changed the rectangle shaped folders to a circular shaped which exists even in the iOS 9.3.3 update. If you still would like to circular folder, choose a wallpaper of 3 x 3 pixel background and select it from “My Photo Stream” and apply it as wallpaper. This only works for user created folders and not in the Apple stock apps folder.

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