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Apple Watch 2: Latest Rumors You Need To Know About Apple Watch 2

This time, we got some juicy rumors about the new Apple Watch that Apple is going to follow up with its first ever smart-watch. Being the giant of the smartphones and tablets, Apple Inc launched the brand new product – the Apple Watch. After going around of presumed potential specs rumors, it was launched in April 2015. topic-apple-watch

Now the internet is going viral with the news of the follow-up release of the first smart watch by Apple. However, Apple remains zipped-lips about the leaks, but the sources remain excited about the possible impending smartwatch from Cupertino.

The release date is rumored to be any time in 2016 and the certain statement on this is expected in the  annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, in which we can expect more additional information about the software, which will come with Apple Watch. But given the existing trails of releases, we can look forward positively that it will be released in the second half of the year, as suggested by the experts.

As far as the features are concerned, it can be possible that there won’t be a change in the screen size, shape and resolution, but we can expect some software improvements and bigger battery size by reducing the thickness of the screen.

Apple is specific when it comes to price points by lowering the grade of the older ones, when new ones come through. For all we know, it will not be cheap. Sources state that the Apple Watch 2 will debut at £299 for the 38mm model and £339 for the larger 42mm one which might come with the price tag of£479 for the 38mm for the normal standard variant and £479 for the 42mm variant. Stay Tuned with TampaBayReview for more updates.

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