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Second largest black hole discovered in our Milky Way galaxy

A black hole has always had a special attention from scientists as well as enthusiasts. As it happens to be that many individuals believe that only when we can completely understand the intermediate black hole that is when our knowledge about the fully grown ones will grow.

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According to the reports, a team of researchers from Japan has found out a few specifics of the second largest black hole of our Galaxy, Milky Way. The Black Hole is approximately 200 light years away from the center of the Galaxy. The exact whereabouts of the black hole is not clear as of yet, but the researchers believe that it is situated amidst an enigmatic gas cloud in the region. The report gives a clear indication about an intermediate black mass with mass approximately 100 times more than that of our Sun.

The researchers used the Nobeyama 45 meter telescope for the purpose of gathering more information about the intermediate mass. The gas cloud found in the region is named CO-0.40-0.22, has a mixed variety of gasses. The gases have a varied range of speeds which makes things very interesting altogether.

For further study, the National Astronomical Observatory used two telescopes for further study of the region and eventually came out with two distinct conclusions. The researchers have discovered that the gas cloud is elliptical in shape and is primarily comprised of two components.

According to the reports, the two comprising components of the cloud are low density gases and an entity revolving at extreme speeds. The dispersion of the gasses at varying speeds is thus explained. The velocity dispersion around the region is not triggered by a local energy input, which clearly puts aside the idea of a supernova out of the equation. Scientists have designed a computer model to simulate the gas cloud and try to find out what is at the center.

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