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Global warming shifting location of world’s natural resources to poles

Global Warming is doing a lot more than increasing the average temperature of Earth. According to a recent study, Global Warming can be credited for moving the natural resources to the poles. This clearly points out to grave situations that might just come in if global warming is not controlled. What this could mean that the equatorial regions might just end up with nothing in the coming years.

Global Warming set to move natural resources towards the polesClimate change has always impacted the allocation of the natural resources since the prehistoric times. It will not be wrong to say that most of the natural resources that we have in the present day are due to the climatic changes that Earth experienced in its early days. But this time, the climatic change that is taking place in the name of Global Warming, will leave the people along the equatorial region in a state of dryness for natural resources.

The recent study states that Global Warming is shifting the location of the world’s natural resources to the poles. The shift will be massive and is expected to have a huge impact of the lives along the region. On one hand, Global Warming is melting the ice from the poles and causing the ocean to grow warm and on the other hand it is pushing more and more natural resource towards the Poles.

This is primarily because of the fact that as the equatorial region gets hotter, the trees, animals, and fishes will start migrating towards the poles, where they will still find a favorable climate. The study also indicates to the fact that it will be difficult to analyze and work out the pace at which the shift of natural resources would take place. The study also points out to various other far reaching effects that Global Warming can have on planet Earth.

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