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Counter Strike 1.6 makes its way to Android devices

Good news for people who love Counter Strike, one of the most popular multiplayer shooting games. The game can now be played on Android devices thanks to Mr. Alibek Omarov, who is well known for making old computer games run on Android devices. Although skeptics think that it will be petty difficult to manage the precise movements, aims and planning that is required on Counter Strike to be done on Android devices, nevertheless having the game on the Android is an achievement in itself.

Counter Strike 1.6 makes its way to Android devices

You can play Counter Strike 1.6 or Half Life on your android devices provided you have the Xash3D software. If you do not have it, it would be suggested that you download it. In addition, you will also be required to get the files from across your steam account. Once done, you will be set to play Counter Strike 1.6 and Half Life on your Android device.

The great thing about the Android version of Counter Strike 1.6 is the fact that you can add support peripherals to your devices and enjoy the game but with a catch. Here in you will not have the multiplayer functionality. You will have to battle the bots in the game, which also is nothing less that interesting. The multiplayer feature will be available if you decide to use your fingers for the tedious task of aiming and movement.

The game has a lot of touch screen controls placed on the screen, which to a certain extent makes the visual slightly cluttered. The movements and controls are fairly smooth provided you don’t mess up with your fingers.

Counter Strike 1.6 was released in the year 2013 and the latest updated version Counter Strike: Global Offensive was released in 2014. The primary requirement for playing the game on your Android devices is a legitimate Steam account and Xash3D software on your device. Do not forget that in order to play Counter Strike 1.6 or Half Life on your android device, you will be required to possess a fairly powerful android handset to considerable amount of RAM and memory.


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