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Cable TV providers all game for HTML 5 based app

It was earlier this year that the Federal Communications Commission had a vote with regards to the modern day Cable TV and its future. The much talked about plan of Unlock the box will allow the cable companies to come out of their own Cable TV set top boxes and cater to the users using Cable TV boxes of other companies as well. The plan was not at all taken well by the Cable TV companies. The extent of disagreement was so much that the Cable TV company owners have in turn come up with a specific plan of their own.

Cable TV providers all game for HTML 5 based appAccording to their option, all the Cable TV companies would agree to creating a HTML 5 based applications for devices like smartphones, tablets and other Cable TV boxes. The proposal was put forward by many big players in the game like AT&T/DirecTV, Comcast, and others. In fact the proposal has been openly supported by the National Cable and Telecommunications Associations.

According to the proposal, the customers in this way will be able to watch Cable TV without actually leasing out any specific instrument from any specific company. On the other hand, the proposal of the HTML 5 based application would not harm the content providers as well. The channel line up, advertisement and the earning through them will be set to stay the exact same way.

The app will be provided to various smartphone makers and Cable TV box makers such that they can incorporate the universal search features and providing content to the users. The only catch is that content will be available for viewing only through the app. The detail about the proposal can be read here.

The app being in the hands of the Cable TV industry has not brought out the best from quite a few big names. Leaving behind the app, might just as well mean that we will be in the same state. A few other Cable TV service providers have come out against the proposal and given a strong statement. According to the statement, this is an effort to delay the negotiations for the initially decided plan.

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