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10,000 Blacktip Sharks near the Florida Coast; Tampa Bay on alert

Every year there are thousands and thousands of sharks that migrate from the cold waters to the warmer ones in search for food. During this phase, they come close to the shores, but this year they have come a bit too close and the number is far greater. A recent video showed thousands of Blacktip sharks in near proximity to the beaches. The numbers are not clear but the experts believe that it is possibly new ten thousand.

Blacktip Sharks new Tampa BayMore than 10,000 blacktip sharks were seen in between Palm Beach and Jupiter. There are also talks stating that these migratory sharks might as well come up along the Tampa Bay, which is also one of the primary hubs for migratory fishes providing them a natural harbor. This might just be a good time to stay off the shores for the people of Tampa Bay.

But Professor Stephen M. Kajiura of Florida Atlantic University has some different views. He believes that the sharks are not a great threat to the humans. The sharks are the most feared creatures for the number of Shark bites that comes through every year. He believes that the sharks bit the human limbs, thinking them to be fishes and that too only when the water is muddy, as it blinds their vision to a certain extent.

It was the video by Professor Stephen M. Kajiura that showed the huge mass of the sharks swimming through the coastal region. He stated, “And those are just the sharks in the video survey. We know there’s more because we could see them on other side of the plane, out of the video frame. That was a gross underestimate. The sharks are not out to get you, and if they wanted to bite you, there’d be ample opportunity. But in this clear water, they can easily see you’re a human, not a fish. Besides, these sharks are skittish, and they’ll likely swim away, even if you try to get close.” Although, the words, comes from an expert, it is highly unlikely that anyone would look forward to pick up the risk.

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