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Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 (S06E05) leaked online before official premiere

HBO seems busy fighting pirates to take down the latest episode of Game Of Thrones (Season 06 Episode 05) from “download” websites and torrent sites, as GoT S06E05 has reportedly been leaked more than 24 hours before its official premiere in the U.S.game-of-thrones-s06e05-screencap

According to the reports, the source of the 5th episode’s (The Door) leak is HBO Nordic where the officials have released the show a day earlier, of course by mistake. Since then, the video has been grabbed and uploaded to various pirate sites. Now it looks like the video has reached many illegal streaming sites as well.

Many early viewers said that HBO Nordic accidentally made the fifth episode available on its site. Many of these viewers have posted the synopsis on Reddit too. One of the Reddit user posted:

“It’s online right now, if you want to go and watch it, but they might remove it soon. Someone probably messed up by putting it there.” After a few hours, he said, “checked it again after having woken up and they’ve taken it down from the official website now.”

After this post, someone or many people started ripping the video from the HBO Nordic website and started to upload it to various download sites, streaming sites and torrent websites. TorrentFreak has confirmed that the leak is legitimate, but the quality of the video wasn’t so good. However, after a few hours, the 1080p FullHD version of the Game of Thrones S06E05 began to pop up on torrent sites.


This has become a big headache for the makers since it is fighting very hard to stop piracy of its shows in all possible ways. HBO has set up a dedicated team to take down illegal and pirated video downloads of Game of Thrones series and AMC has also taken necessary steps to take down its The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead series from torrent and streaming sites.

HBO, till last year, was releasing promotional screeners before the official premiere date. But this year onwards they decided to stop it, fearing that outsiders would leak them to the internet. So far, Game of Thrones TV series has been the most pirated TV-show ever, and the Season 06 has garnered much more interest among the GoT fans and non-fans.

Game of Thrones S06E05 Preview:

We recommend people to watch the Game of Thrones from official channel, or live stream on their website for free. People are also managed to use VPNs to access the live streaming in their countries, which is illegal. Game of Thrones season 6 episode 5 will air on 22 May at 9pm EST on HBO in the US and on Monday (23 May) at 9pm on Sky Atlantic in the UK. You can click here or here to watch it online via live stream.

Click here to login to HBO Go and watch the episode live online. The HBO Now website can stream Game Of Thrones season 6 all released episodes from any latest web browser, but you should have an account over there.

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