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Lenovo all set to bring back Moto Razr on June 9th

Moto Razr, one of the iconic phones of its times is possibly set to make a comeback. According to the reports, a couple of videos that are all over the internet suggest that the iconic mobile phone: Moto Razr is all set to be launched again.

Lenovo all set to bring back Moto Razr on June 9thMotorola is one of the biggest brands in world when it comes to making mobile phones and other communication related devices. Moto Razr initially was launched in the year 2006 and had been an instant hit at that time. Moto Razr came out during the period when the flip phones were in fashion. Owing to its small shape and exquisite style, Moto Razr became one of the most selling phones of that year. But sadly, the time of the flip phones was over soon.

Moto recently released a teaser video, where Moto Razr has taken the whole limelight. The video has a complete show of all the features that were loved by the people when the device was initially launched. The video released by Moto has sparked of speculations regarding the return of Moto Razr. The reports suggests that Moto Razr will return in the market with that similar flipped look and at the same time will possibly have much advanced operating system in Android.

Motorola has been amidst the top as mobile phone makers but the company sadly went through a bad phase until Google acquired them a few years ago. After some time, Google sold it off to Lenovo. It is Lenovo that is possibly looking forward to make Motorola get back into the market again.

Lenovo is holding a conference on the 9th of June and rumours suggest that Moto Razr might just be unveiled again with all the added features. Some of the speculations suggest that Moto Razr might be launched with Android M, come with improved camera and a better battery life. Some added features might just be a secondary camera for selfies and a touch screen. However, there is no solid evidence that would proof the addition of these features.

Moto is also on quite a roll with the introduction of the recently released smartphones. Moto G 4 Gen is already amidst the news and is making quite a run. It is also expected that Moto will launch the next Gen Moto X. There are rumours about Moto changing the brand of Moto X to Moto Z as well. All that we can conclude from this is that the Lenovo Event on June 9th is going to be a good one.

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