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Kelloggs Introduced its New Gluten Free Food Product Range: Rice Krispies

Kelloggs Introduced its New Gluten Free Food Product Range Rice Krispies

In January 2017, Kelloggs introduced Gluten-Free Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies. It was basically launched for the consumers who are either gluten sensitive or suffering from celiac disease. The product eliminates barley malt and basically contains brown rice that are whole grain in nature thereby providing consumers with flavorful and unique product. Rice Krispies does not contain artificial flavors or colours. The cost of this product is USD 3.99. Every serving of Rice Krispies provides requisite amount of vitamins and minerals to the body that includes 1 gram of fat, 120 calories, 3 gram of protein, 190 milligrams of sodium ,1 gram of fiber, and less than one gram of sugar. The company has a dedicated gluten free manufacturing capacity and it focusses on double checking the testing parameters of all gluten free products with an objective that no gluten has contaminated the manufactured products. The company was founded in the year 1906 by Will Keith Kellogg. The gluten free product portfolio of the company includes gluten-free crackers, savory snack bars, waffles and cereals among others.

Analyst View:

Product innovation in the gluten free food market was aimed at providing customers uniqueness and tasty flavor maintaining the same nutritive value of vitamins and minerals. The new addition will also facilitate the company to meet the growing demand for gluten free food products thereby enhancing its product portfolio and increasing brand value. The company’s new gluten free cereal product does not compromise with the taste and flavor. The revenue from the company’s gluten free cereal segment is expected to rise owing to the growing number of celiac patients worldwide followed by increasing awareness regarding the health benefits of consuming gluten free food products. The company mainly focuses on direct online marketing as its key distribution channel to sell this product which in turn is expected to increase its market penetration in the gluten free food market.

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