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Facebook’s Live Video Streaming to clash against YouTube and Twitter’s Periscope

Following the amazing quarterly financial results, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has unveiled its Live streaming feature to all users, starting with the iOS app users from this week. Facebook Live streaming for Android app is coming very soon.facebook-live-streaming

Live streaming online is not new, it has been sitting quietly on the internet as a professional use for many years now. But the things have changed and the Live streaming becomes mainstream when it has been integrated into the social media. Not to forget, Twitter’s Periscope, YouTube’s Live, Meerkat app, and Livestream are the key players in the category so far. Now, Facebook has entered the new trend game, flexing its muscles.

Facebook had introduced the live streaming features for popular figures, celebrities and journalists as in the form of Facebook Mentions. Now the social media giant has given access to the live streaming option to all users, starting with the iOS app users. Although FB is a bit late entering into the game, YouTube and Twitter should be aware that the social network can quickly gain popularity – thanks to its billions of active users.

Most importantly, it will be as easy as posting a status update to any normal users. Facebook will be adding a new “Live Stream” button beside the post status updates, photos and videos button on the app screen. This makes sense as users won’t have to install a separate app for the live streaming option in their smartphone. Integrating into the social media app could tempt Facebook users to at least give a try to Live streaming.

The fact – Facebook live stream will be limited to friends and followers, and the company has not unveiled any plans to integrate the discovery or public showcase of some stranger’s videos, and we know it can’t do like that. However, on the other side, Periscope has the discovery features, popular trending live streams kind of options where any user’s live streaming could be spread to the vast crowd across the globe. But the number of active users on the both social networks matters.

The games live streaming Platform Twitch thinks this will not be a pain in their butt, and of course it isn’t. Twitch has its own fan bases and especially gamers across the world. YouTube Live wouldn’t worry much because video and YouTube can’t be different. Other than Facebook, who else will make a profit out of this new feature? Yes, you’re right – your mobile service provider.

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