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Apple Watch 2: Will Apple Watch 2 Overcome its Predecessor’s Shortcomings?

Apple did a great job becoming the pioneer in dominating the smartwatch market. However, in due course of time, even the perception of a perfect watch towards Apple Watch seem to have had its shortcomings. Apple-Watch-2-Not-Coming-This-Year

The biggest disappointment with Apple watch was its poor battery life. It managed to offer a day’s battery and an overnight charging. Now we got lucky because Apple knew what went wrong with the first generation smart watch so it will be overcoming that shortcoming in the next generation Apple watch.

There are some spectacular rumors surrounding the internet that Apple Watch 2 will be speculated with a much thinner display to carry a larger battery. This is achieved by transitioning to a thinner glass panel display from a glass on glass panel display, which leaves space enough to incorporate larger battery and also it makes it 40% thinner display than the previous model. Do not worry about the display touch experience. The dimensions of the display will be same as the predecessor.

The sources of TPK Holding have reported the above news. This certainly will be a big change in Apple Watch 2 which will revolutionize the smartphone history. Sources claim that, as far as the name could go, Apple will be releasing the next watch as an “S” upgrade too as it does for the smartphones.

We can expect the Apple Watch 2 in the forthcoming month of September along with the launch of iOS 7. The software package will be WatchOS 3 preinstalled with Apple Watch 2. The OS was recently announced at WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference). Nevertheless, Apple watch 2 will be definitely the most powerful watch this market will ever see.

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