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8 Facts about new Discovery of Florescent Frog

8 Facts about new Discovery of Florescent Frog

Latest news whisper in science corridor is the discovery of first natural florescent tree frog which has been found in South America.

1 Scientist working at the Bernardino Rivadavia natural science museum in Buenos accidently found the tree frog with florescent light.

2 It becomes world’s first florescent tree frog, or first known florescent amphibian.

3 It has been discovered near Santa Fe in Argentina.

4 This matted green brownish with red polka dot tree frog is scientifically known as Hypsiboas Punctatus.

5 Scientists are surprised by its sparking green bluish light, which can be glows only when UVA flash light or black light throws on frog.

6 The tree frog did not display any color or light in presence of natural light.

7 They have ability to absorbs short waves of light and emit long waves of light.

8 Scientist discovered that the reason of sparking greenish blue light is the Hyloins molecule, which emit amount of light about 19 percent as much light as full Moon.

Scientists are looking forward to research on the polka dot tree frog on various aspects after knowing its florescent ability.

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