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5 Mobile Apps for Elderly People


Elderly folks with Tablets and Smartphones have not been left out by app makers. These apps are created in a manner that ensures senior citizen users are capable of maximizing their use of technology whether on the Android or iOS platform.

Magnifying Glass

magnifying-glassWhile not many seniors know about this, it is possible to convert their Smartphone into a magnifying glass, through the app also known as Magnifying Glass. It makes it easy to transform the camera of an iOS or Android device into a very effective yet powerful magnifying glass. If anyone is struggling to run through a product with small prints, or reading through a text with small texts, the app comes in really handy. There is no need of laboring through a menu at your favorite restaurants, especially if you forgot your glasses at home. Open the app, point the device’s camera on the item you want to see better and magic will happen.

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Blood Pressure Tracker

Blood Pressure TrackerChances are not the elderly folks alone require this important app for the management of one of the most unexciting topics in any conversation. Nonetheless, we all know how it is important to ensure blood pressure has been checked and maintained as we get older. Through this app, recording everything you can surrounding blood pressure can be really important as time goes by. It also simplifies the process as compared to physical log mock ups. As per the results the app gives, it also goes a little further to inform and recommend a number of crucial things.


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MedwatcherThe media attention on this app has been rising and rightfully so. It is an app ensuring the elderly and anyone else is provided with a database easy to use on diverse types of medication while outlining crucial information such as side effects, dosage levels and uses. Medwatcher also gets you updates on vaccinations and drugs, while informing any user about the necessity and safety of such critical innovations. In the area of health, Medwatcher is an app for Android and iOS devices any elderly person should definitely have, polished effectively just for them.

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SkypeNot an app that many think the elderly deserve to have. However, Skype is an app for both Android and iOS users very simple and highly effective in the area of communication. Every senior loves a good conversation and it does not get better than a free conversation digitally with grand kids, sons and daughters or friends through Skype. It is also one of the apps that work really fine and there is no need of wondering how to catch on family members who have moved oversea or to the other side of town. Skype is a tool that goes across every border and ensures one on one conversation is a success among all peoples, old or not.

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Fix My Street

Fix My StreetThis tool ensures seniors are able to report issues regarding street lighting, potholes among others to the local council through images and maps right from an Android or iOS device. Rather than scribble letters that take weeks to be published or addressed, this apps lets things happen digitally in real time.

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