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Google Analytics certification training in pune

BrilAd has a pool of experts who are not just Google certified, but have hand on experience for years in Google’s ever changing analytics tools. With this strong experience in mind, we have built our own comprehensive material with the help of which we provide Google Analytics Certification training in Pune.

Infact Google itself provides material online for aspirants to guide and prepare. However, while the material is of quality, the slides put up by them just move too fast through the subjects. This often causes students who rely solely on Google’s own material to take the test several times over before passing it. And it is noteworthy that the test is not free. It costs an individual $50 or roughly Rs3000.This makes it more important to clear this test in the first attempt itself and to not incur further costs.

The test is formally known as the GAIQ. The test runs for 90 mins and has 70 multiple choice questions.

Google Analytics is a changing ground and analysts need to keep updating their knowledge alongside Google. It is for this reason that the validity of this certificate is for 18 months. Beyond which ofcourse the test needs to be taken again to prove that you are still an expert with all up-to-date knowledge on Google Analytics.

Are you an aspirant of GAIQ seeking guidance to clear the test in the first go? We can certainly help. Just give us a call to know more

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