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Google Adwords certification in pune

When it particularly comes to Google Adwords, there has been significant amount of changes to course as well as the procedure that follows up to the certification.

Now having renamed as Google Partner Certificate, the domain of the good news is that the test can be taken for free. However if one does not pass they need to wait for a cooling period of 14 days before becoming eligible again to re-take the test. One aspect that has not changed is that validity of the certificate is for 18 months.

However, the catch is that since Google’s partners now also have a say in the test course, the complexity of this test has been increased significantly. And it is certainly questionable if anyone can pass this test by the material provided for free by Google which is usually a collection of slides cramped together.

In view of these events, BrilAd has introduced its own extensive Google Adwords certification training in Pune. We have already had the pleasure of training several candidates in Google Adwords, most of whom have cracked the test in the first attempt and the remaining went no further than getting certified in the second attempt.

BrilAd understands the limitation of time among the young aspirants today and it has been our sincere effort to get our candidates certified in the first attempt.

To take our commitment a step further, BrilAd also provides 100% placement guarantee once you have been certified.

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