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  • 360 Degree fundamentals course in Digital Marketing
  • Covers the basics of SEO, social media, PPC, conversion optimization, web analytics and content marketing
  • Best course for Digital Marketing freshers
  • Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is no longer the next big thing. It already is. Firms ranging from startups to MNCs and selling consumer goods to software services, everyone acknowledges that what was once an option has now become a necessity. This is for a simple fact that no one once to miss on their customers.

    The wide and growing internet audience has completely changed the way firms perceive marketing. What was once limited to hoardings and television ads, have now extended to digital content and PPC ads. The factor which is even more compelling is that digital marketing uses the entire IT resource available and helps in targeting particular consumers. This allows abstract marketing versus generalized campaigns used by traditional media ads.

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