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Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the importance of digital marketing today?

A. Digital Marketing industry is today worth close to $70 Billion world-wide. India being an IT hub is a natural destination for companies to avail for IT related services as well which includes digital marketing.


Q. What is the core advantage of digital marketing over traditional ATL marketing?

A. Above the Line or ATL marketing focus on macro marketing tactics such as hoardings,TV ads etc. These ads require huge amounts of capital which is often not possible for many firms. Furthermore, digital marketing being a micro marketing platform offers a unique personal approach to customers and clients which is not possible in ATL marketing. It also allows one to be very precise in reaching out to sections of the online audience who are more likely to be a firm’s customers.


Q. What kinds of businesses use digital marketing?

A. Businesses of all sectors use digital marketing as a key marketing strategy. The difference lies in the strategic approach with regards to the company’s final goals.


Q. What is the difference between SEO and PPC ?

A. SEO is a long term optimization process of a website such that it starts ranking significantly in search engines. It is an ongoing process as the search engine algorithms keep changing which brings about the need for further action.

PPC on the other hand, is a short term paid advertisement platform where a certain amount of resource is spent to get business leads through the ads directed toward the website. Even here conversion funnel optimization is required for best results.


Q. Which is the best course for a fresher?

A. If you are a fresher in the digital marketing industry with no past knowledge or experience in this field, we suggest that you take our digital marketing fundamentals course to get your basics in place. You may then move on to higher level courses.


Q. Iam experienced in the fundamentals but not the details. Which course should I take?

A. Even if you do have some knowledge but are not thorough enough, the way to go is digital marketing fundamentals where we cover the basics in such a way that you are able to see the co-relation between every discipline within this platform.

However if you are certain of your basics, you can take up any of the advanced courses. SEO is usually the Preferred course of most candidates after fundamentals followed by Google Analytics and PPC.


Q. Do you provide placements?

A. Yes, Brilad provides a guarantee of 100% placement in digital marketing or web development depending on your course.


Q. At which locations do you provide your placements?

A. We provide placements primarily in Pune but also in Mumbai and Bangalore.


Q. What are the programming languages which you teach in web development?

A. We teach web development in all 3 major languages used in the industry today -Java, PHP and DOT NET.


Q. How long do your courses last? What are your timings?

A. Course length may be 3 weeks or a month or 2 months. It all depends on you and your ability to grasp information.

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