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    BrilAd provides complete and comprehensive Digital Marketing and web development courses in Pune. All trainings are done through slides to make the training process interactive and keeping the interest level of up.

    With respect to our Digital Marketing courses in Pune, BrilAd has built a strong reputation in providing SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC Campaign, Mobile Marketing and Content Writing trainings to candidates from all over India. We have domestically built training modules which are taught by well experienced lecturers who have direct field experience.

    BrilAd is proud to have trainers who have built their extensive knowledge through years of practice in the work force. Whether it is web development course in JAVA, PHP or DOT NET, you can rely on BrilAd to ensure that you excel in of your chosen domains.

    We have a track record of placing 100% of our candidates in reputed companies through our networks.

    Wan to know us better? We are just a call away!

    Online Markting Fundamental

    BrilAd provides extensive digital marketing courses in Pune. But before we can touch down on the details it is essential for a candidate to understand what digital marketing really is and its fundamental terms and angles. read more…..

    SEO certification

    BrilAd is the undisputed leader in providing SEO training in Pune. We have proudly trained several candidates who are not just in Pune but have come from all over the India to avail for the courses.Our speciality lies in the core design of SEO courses in Pune. All teachings take place through slides which are interactive and fun, while simultaneously allowing us to produce industry ready candidates. read more…..

    Link Building Seo

    Link Building is such an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that we at BrilAd decided to dedicate an entire course towards this practice in Pune. Since a decade SEO professionals have regarded link building to be an integral part of the SEO strategy. Today it is seen as somewhat like “democracy” in the world wide web. The reason is because search engine algorithms view it as being so. read more…..

    PPC Certification

    Pay Per Click is an extensive and crucial element on online business. It was not the case 15 years ago where TV and print ads dominated the advertising sphere. But industries over the past decade have become increasing accommodating of the importance as well as the advantages of advertising through the digital medium. read more…..

    Conversion Optimization Certification

    You have successfully managed to bring a user to your website. It may be from an ad campaign you launched or through organic means. So now what is it that you want them to do ? Do you want them to subscribe to your newsletters ? Do you want them to buy a product ? Or do you want them to download your app ? read more…..

    Web Analytics Certification

    BrilAd recognizes web analytics to be one of the corner stones in Digital Marketing. After all how can you analyze your results without a proper tool to help you understand the metrics ? It is for this reason that BrilAd offers an in-deapth web analytics course in Pune. We help you understand what web analytics really is while steady diving into how you can best perform the analysis. read more…..

    Social Media Certification

    You can trust us when we say that what social media has become today even surprises the founder of Facebook -Mark Zukerberg. What started as a social networking site, gave the birth to new medium for marketing – The social media. BrilAd provides a comprehensive social media marketing course in Pune. read more…..

    Content Marketing Certification

    BrilAd has launched it course in content marketing in Pune, keeping in light the shifting dynamics of marketing itself. Consumers today are immune to advertisements through traditional media. They own laptops, tablets and DVRs to cut through all the advertisement thrown at them. And even when they watch them they may get a laugh but not the message given how mainstream it is. read more…..

    Mobile Marketing Certification

    BrilAd provides an extensive series of course material and training in mobile marketing in Pune. But what has led digital marketing leaders like us to make serious commitments in the mobile domain ? The answer simply is that mobile platform has become as important and basic as internet. What was once a domain seen simply to be flooded with SMS ads have moved in to challenge the traditional digital marketing in desktop and laptops read more…..

    Display Advertizing

    When it comes to target based online marketing, display advertising is the best strategy to go about. With the ability to track consumer habits,a variety of engaging ad types, and a deep pool of valuable data to drive decisions, Display Advertising is an amazing opportunity for online marketers. read more…..

    Facebook Marketing

    Facebook is not just for group pictures with friends anymore. It has grown into a powerful business marketing platform with a rich pool of consumers. In order to teach you how to you take the full advantage of this platform, BrilAd had introduced this special Facebook Marketing course in Pune. read more…..

    Video Marketing

    The idea behind video marketing is simple – spread awareness and promote sales using compelling videos. And to help young aspirants understand this art, BrilAd provides an exclusive course in video marketing in Pune. However, the actual execution in terms of a marketing strategy is far more complex. When done right, this marketing method can do wonder like it has done for so many businesses read more…..

    Paid Social Media Ads

    Effective Social Media marketing requires the facilitation of conversations about a particular brand or product. These conversations can sometimes start organically; however, sometimes paid social media advertisements are needed to initiate and boost these conversations across social media platforms. read more…..

    Local Search Marketing

    Local search marketing has swiftly risen to one of the more important areas of online marketing. More than ever, web users are specifically searching for local business listings to find retailers, restaurants, and service providers close to their home or work. read more…..

    Small Business Strategies

    BrilAd offers this special Small and medium business strategies online marketing course to individuals who already got some experience with Internet marketing, and are ready to bring a new level of strategy through their understanding into the campaigns. read more…..

    Twitter Marketing & Ads

    Everybody else is tweeting, why shouldn’t you do it for your business or for your clients? However because everybody else is doing it, for you to be seen by the right audience, certain formulas need to be followed.Companies often jump on board popular platforms before building any sort of strategy at all. read more…..

    Pinterest Marketing

    Pinterest is a powerful marketing platform which requires a serious strategy. It’s a community of people predisposed to collect and share, who have defined their areas of interest, and are willingly step forward to share. So if you can find your audience (and its influencers) and provide them with appealing images, they’ll are likely to engage with you, and help you find more prospects. read more…..

    Corporate Java/J2ee Training

    BrilAd provides an extensive and elaborated training in Java based out of Pune. This language is pre-dominantly the most widely used programming language today. While websites will have stacks of many languages in the form of applications, a large number of popular websites today were written in Java. Some of the most popular examples are Google, LinkedIn, Amazon and Ebay. read more…..

    Corporate PHP Training

    BrilAd has a core PHP team as lecturers through whom we deliver elaborate PHP training in Pune. PHP is popular for being the best for lightweight dynamic websites. Any low-to-medium level complex website can be brought to be dynamic by adding PHP codes to the basic HTML website code. One of the best example is the social media giant Facebook. When the website was first written in 2004, it was completely in PHP. read more…..

    Corporate DotNet Training

    DOT NET is not the most popular programming language in the industry today. The main reason behind it is that the software is not for free, unlike PHP and JAVA. However, it is also a fact that DOT NET is a far more efficient programming platform which is why a large number of corporations chose this language over its rivals. read more…..

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