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Digital Marketing Courses Certification in Pune

BrilAds is a leader in providing the most comprehensive set of certification training in Pune. Our uniqueness lies in our 360 degree coverage of all major certificates not just for Java, but also Google. While both may be mutually exclusive in nature, the line between website analytics and website creation is being slowly dissolved.

BrilAds is proud to be a unique provider of thorough training in certificate programs of Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Java certification by Oracle.

We have a core team of highly experienced lecturers who gained their expertise through years of practical implementation in the industry. This makes BrilAds a true thought leader driven by experience.

Furthermore, we are one of the few educational organizations which provide 100% guarantee in placements once you have been successfully certified. This is what makes not just your educational partner but also in delivery.

Google Analytics

BrilAds has a pool of experts who are not just Google certified, but have hand on experience for years in Google’s ever changing analytics tools. With this strong experience in mind, we have built our own comprehensive material with the help of which we provide Google Analytics Certification training in Pune. Infact Google itself provides material online for aspirants to guide and prepare. However, while the material is of quality, the slides put up by them just move too fast through the subjects. read more…..

Google Adwards

When it particularly comes to Google Adwords, there has been significant amount of changes to course as well as the procedure that follows up to the certification. Now having renamed as Google Partner Certificate, the domain of the good news is that the test can be taken for free. However if one does not pass they need to wait for a cooling period of 14 days before becoming eligible again to re-take the test. read more…..

OCP, Java SE Programmer preaparation

Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer tests the fundamentals of Java programming skills of a candidate under the leadership of Oracle. Once known as the Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), the program is often considered mandatory by several multi-nationals while others chose to give special preferences to candidates with this certification. read more…..

OCP, Java EE 5 Business Component Developer preparation

Sun Certified Web Component Developer is a specialization course in handing Java components within website applications. This focuses primarily at Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSPs). The pre-requisite of this course is to be first certified in OCPJP which focuses on Java programming. The main reason for this is that fact that SCWCD requires in-depth understanding and proficiency in the application of Java Server Pages. read more…..

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