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  • Complete course in managing and evaluating conversion funnels
  • Contains aspects of web analytics for better understanding
  • Course is best for candidates who have basic understanding of web analytics
  • Conversion Optimization Training in Pune

    You have successfully managed to bring a user to your website. It may be from an ad campaign you launched or through organic means. So now what is it that you want them to do ? Do you want them to subscribe to your newsletters ? Do you want them to buy a product ? Or do you want them to download your app ?

    Simply put, conversion rate optimization is the process to ensure that your visitors take the actions that you expect them to.

    It will be incorrect to say that conversion rate optimization (CRO) can ever get you 100% results. Infact it will most likely give you a fraction of it. But to have even that is a challenge given the dynamism of the visitors who come to your page and also your page quality.

    Do you have the right visitors to begin with ? Did someone looking to buy an iPhone cover end up in a website that only sells iPhones and not its cases and covers ? When these activities are viewed by an inexperienced eye on the statistics, they can be misleading and often cause the website to fail altogether.

    For this purpose, BrilAd provides extensive Conversion Optimization training in Pune .We teach our candidates to view random statistics under the right light such that it finally makes sense and to take steps to correct them which ensure better conversion of visitors to customers. It is important to understand here that CRO is a process of realizing what you or your clients are doing wrong so that the corrective steps can be implemented.

    BrilAd through its elaborate CRO training in Pune generates leader who are capable of taking structured and systematic approaches in improving the conversion rate of a site. We ensure that you should be capable of building an insight through statistics, analysis and user feedbacks so that the current traffic can be used to get the best results depending on the core objectives of the website.

    We don’t believe that you should learn “from” us, rather you can learn “with” us as we constantly come up with fresh CRO techniques that have to untouched by most.

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    Training Modules

    • Introduction to Conversion Optimization
    • Conversion Planning
    • Conversion Design Structure
    • Creating Conversion Structure
    • Building Momentum
    • Engaging in a Dialog with Your Users
    • Analysis & Measurement
    • Taking Action with Conversion Strategies
    • Bonus: Product Page Optimization
    • Bonus: PPC Conversion Strategies
    • Bonus: Conversion Math Analytics

    1 Month

    You may be an SEO, social media, PPC, content or web analytics expert, but with a certificate in conversion optimization you can prove that you are already an analyst with an eye for details.

    At the end of a successful PPC or SEO campaign which generates leads, it all draws down to the effectiveness of the conversion funnel to convert those leads into desirable final goals. For firms to continue with a campaign it is necessary that the leads contribute to sales or their email list or donations. Industries today are mature enough to understand the need for an effective conversion funnel to achieve their finals goals and which calls for specialists who can contribute in making this process effective while working on their major roles which may be any within the digital marketing branches.

    With a certificate in conversion optimization, you prove to your future employers that you have driven your knowledge deep in the final process of any digital marketing campaign and that you can put more on the table than what most experts can.

    It is advisable that this certificate is accompanied with our Online Marketing Fundamentals course for a clear view of the entire digital marketing process to levy yourself further as a market expert.

    BrilAd is proud in hosting some of the most esteemed entrepreneurs and successful experts in Conversation Optimization Certification.

    Our core team is divided in two – One for Digital Marketing ; Second for Web Development.

    All our hosted lecturers have years of holding high level executive positions in their respective industries. It is for this reason that we say that BrilAd is a leader by experience. It is the collective knowledge of all our experts which makes BrilAd a unique platform for knowledge sharing and to bring about the best courses to generate industry-ready candidates.

    Get in touch with us to know more about our core faculty and how they can help you materialize your dreams in the industry. Let’s connect!

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