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    BrilAd has launched it course in content marketing in Pune, keeping in light the shifting dynamics of marketing itself.

    Consumers today are immune to advertisements through traditional media. They own laptops, tablets and DVRs to cut through all the advertisement thrown at them. And even when they watch them they may get a laugh but not the message given how mainstream it is. You cannot tell someone so directly to buy something and expect them to run to the store to get it.

    Consumers today are smart. They understand the difference between advertisements which look desperate for sales and content which are informative based on their interest.

    How many times have you watched a funny TV commercial and had a good laugh but forgot what the ad was for? This is the dilemma that TV ads are in today. Indifference.

    Even in the digital space it is often easy for viewers to ignore website ad banner and Google search ads while you scroll through if they are too direct and look cliche.

    On the contrary, what really intrigue consumers into knowing a firm’s products is if they write informative content without advertising their own products which educate the customers. This is content marketing.

    Consider an ad about a weightloss machine which tell you to buy their product and lose weight in a week. Compare this to a website which writes sophisticated content to educate customers on the benefits of being healthy and fit and on the sidelines offers them their products. An intelligent buyer, as most people are today, will completely ignore the TV commercial to begin with. He may instead keep reading the website content and if the approach allows the buyer to feel a connection with the seller, he may as well go ahead and buy a product. Why did he do that? Because by reading their well framed content there was a sense of trusted connection that formed over time.

    This is the change that BrilAd recognizes and this is precise what we teach our students in our content marketing training in Pune. We don’t just teach them the factors which classifies a content as being good to a reader but also to search engines. This is because we understand that there may a significant difference in what the readers deem as good content and what makes search engines pick up their website for a good ranking.

    The good news is that at BrilAd we tell you how your content can be good, yet relevant in search engines.

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    Training Modules 

    Part 1:

    • Overview & Strategy
    • What is Content Marketing?
    • Identifying Prospects
    • Writing Messages and Creating Content
    • Getting Your Message into the Media
    • Becoming an Industry Expert
    • Content Strategy and Challenges
    • Measuring Results

    Part 2:

    • Marketing ChannelsBlog Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing Channels
    • Image Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • Article and Press Release Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Event MarketingB2B Marketing

    1 Month

    Industries today are maturing to the fact that their audience is becoming more and more immune to traditional advertisements. This calls in for a renewed strategy to give the much needed stimulus to their marketing campaigns to get back the attention of the audience.

    Content marketing has emerged as the best solution and so have the job opportunities in this field. Earlier content marketing experts were hired only by print media and publication houses. However, today content marketers have ample opportunities in almost every field that can be named.

    Content writing has been recognized both as artistic as well as technical which increases the pay checks that follow. Most content experts need ample knowledge into the workings of SEO as well to create impactful content pieces and further contribute into the SEO process as well.

    BrilAd is proud in hosting some of the most esteemed entrepreneurs and successful experts in Content Marketing.

    Our core team is divided in two – One for Digital Marketing ; Second for Web Development.

    All our hosted lecturers have years of holding high level executive positions in their respective industries. It is for this reason that we say that BrilAd is a leader by experience. It is the collective knowledge of all our experts which makes BrilAd a unique platform for knowledge sharing and to bring about the best courses to generate industry-ready candidates.

    Get in touch with us to know more about our core faculty and how they can help you materialize your dreams in the industry. Let’s connect!

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