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  • Specialized course to provide detailed knowledge on Pay Per Click campaigns
  • Course covers case studies on display and search campaigns
  • Best for candidates who are aware of Digital Marketing fundamentals and looking for specialization
  • Adwords PPC Training in Pune

    Pay Per Click is an extensive and crucial element on online business. It was not the case 15 years ago where TV and print ads dominated the advertising sphere. But industries over the past decade have become increasing accommodating of the importance as well as the advantages of advertising through the digital medium.

    While recognizing the growing clout of PPC, BrilAd has launched its own course in PPC training in Pune. We understand and recognize the industry obsession with digital marketing today which cannot be fully realized without an extensive PPC campaign.

    Around the world, from startups to multinational corporations have all realized the value of undertaking a PPC campaign. The ability to localize your marketing efforts on specific targets is so unique to the digital media that has not been seen in traditional marketing methods or to be specific in the Above The Line (ATL) space.

    So how did it all start ? PPC was born when the search engine giant Google realized that it can be a good business model for them if they reserve certain amount of space in their search results page where advertisers can show their websites. This is distinctive from normal results where the most relevant site is displayed. This was turned into a win-win model when they introduced Pay Per Click (PPC).

    What PPC really means is that advertisers only need to pay Google when a user clicks on their ad and there contribute to sale or website traffic or whichever target page the ad leads them to. In terms of sales this can be considered as a direct lead which then needs to be converted by using a well designed landing page or a product page on their website.

    One may want to make a sale or simply run an awareness campaign or get sign ups for newsletters. PPC can be effective no matter what the core strategy is as long as it has been effectively designed and implemented.

    This is where BrilAd steps in. We train candidates not just in understanding the operations of a PPC campaign but how to run it effectively. Our PPC course in Pune teaches them the distinction between a campaign which may just burn more cash versus a campaign which can double or quadruple marketing effectiveness.

    Learn from our trainers to be on the winning side while undertaking PPC and make a difference for your future clients.

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    Training Modules

    • Introduction to PPC
    • Introduction to Keywords & Match Types
    • Writing Effective Ad Copy & Ad Extensions
    • Campaign Settings
    • Conversion Tracking, Bidding, and Reporting
    • Utilizing the Display Network
    • Account Organization
    • Understanding Quality Score
    • Strategy & Launching & Monitoring Accounts
    • Supplemental: Testing & Landing Page Strategy
    • Supplemental: Tools & Other Networks

    1 Month

    Pay Per Click has been the favorite among most digital marketers for years, thanks to the excellent model created by Google. This has led to the exponential growth in job opportunities for PPC experts throughout the globe, and especially in India which is a global IT hub.

    It must also be noted that every industry today has observed the benefits of a well implemented PPC campaign whether it is lead generation, awareness or donations. Consumer products still dominate the industry which calls for greater role of PPC. Even multinationals dealing with high-end consumer products such as Microsoft with its Office software package, Dell with its laptops and Samsung with its array of digital gadgets, have all launched their unique PPC campaigns. E-commerce industry also employs thousands of PPC experts to help with their ongoing market expansion in the country and for branching out globally.

    PPC campaigns are often a part of a larger digital campaign which requires expertise in overall fundamentals into the working of all branches. For this reason we encourage aspirants for PPC certification in first taking our Online Marketing Fundamentals course for a 360 degree knowledge in Digital Marketing campaigns.

    BrilAd is proud in hosting some of the most esteemed entrepreneurs and successful experts in PPC.

    Our core team is divided in two – One for Digital Marketing ; Second for Web Development.

    All our hosted lecturers have years of holding high level executive positions in their respective industries. It is for this reason that we say that BrilAd is a leader by experience. It is the collective knowledge of all our experts which makes BrilAd a unique platform for knowledge sharing and to bring about the best courses to generate industry-ready candidates.

    Get in touch with us to know more about our core faculty and how they can help you materialize your dreams in the industry. Let’s connect!

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