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About Us

BrilAd is a subsidiary firm of the Parmar Bizsol Pvt. Ltd.(OPC). We are a leading Web Development and Digital Marketing training institute in Pune. We equivocally provide services in the same fields as well.

BrilAd has successfully trained candidates in 360 Degree Digital Marketing and web development in Pune as well as globally through our comprehensive training modules.

We have a dedicated team of analysts for our Digital Marketing services for clients in Pune and globally. Every member of our team has a wide length of experience in the respective domains for Web Development and Digital Marketing.

At the same time we have several experienced lecturers who conduct on-premise Digital Marketing training in Pune alongside Web Development.

BrilAd has a network of partnered firms who hire rapidly from our organization. This comes from having gained trust in our quality and a proven track record of nurturing top-notch candidates for the respective positions.

With respect to our Digital Marketing courses in Pune, BrilAd has built a strong reputation in providing SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC Campaign, Mobile Marketing and Content Writing trainings to candidates from all over India. We have domestically built training modules which are taught by well experienced lecturers who have direct field experience.

In Web Development training in Pune, BrilAds is proud in hosting several lecturers who are not just remarkable in theory but have successfully climbed the ladder of success in the corporate world as well. Whether it is JAVA, PHP or DOT NET, you can rely on BrilAds to ensure that you excel in of your chosen domains.

You may be a college student, a fresher or an experienced employee trying to hon your skills in Web Development or Digital Marketing in Pune. Our faculty understands that different minds must be nurtured in different ways to hit the right spot of understanding in the course of learning.

BrilAd has successfully trained individuals from several colleges in Pune as well as corporations. All candidates have been either placed in new firms or they achieved new height in career on their return to their respective firms.

BrilAd has been highly influential in creating a talented pool of Digital Marketing and Web Development specialists in Pune. In an industry with thousands of individuals claiming to be SEO,Content,PPC and Web Development experts, BrilAds trains its candidates to stand out from the crowd and show the industry what true talent is.

What really makes a content viral ?

Why chose Google display ads over search ads ?

Which tools will be the best suited to monitor your digital campaign?

What is the future of Digital Marketing in India ?

Is Dot Net a better option for your career or Java?

What is the core difference in implementing a project with JAVA vs PHP ?

And the biggest question of all – What really lies ahead for Digital Marketing and Web Development in India and world-wide?

We rigorously answer these questions and more with expertise. The key that we hold is the understanding of having the need to update ourselves with every industry and trend change that helps make decisions that are future proof not just for our organization, but by sharing them with our candidates we help make their future secure as well.

This constant need to bring change internally and brain-storming new ideas as well as trends, make us a true thought leader in the field.

The right guidance from us will not just give you the “ability” to find solutions to the most complex problems in your domain but also the “credibility” the will assist you in right career path of your choice.

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